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Are you a designer looking to specify MacroAir fans into a building project or see how our big fans might help you attain LEED accreditation for your project? We have a large number of resources for you including product downloads, continuing education courses, and LEED information. We are also ready to provide personalized design assistance for your project. Click here to request design assistance.

“The fan looks like an artist and an engineer got together and said, ‘Let’s make this thing really sleek and small.’ The body where the motor goes is nothing compared to what it can do – proportionally it seems a little crazy that it can put out all that airflow.”
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Rachael Wilson

Owner, Bikecoach

Continuing Education

MacroAir is a registered continuing education provider. We offer online and in-person courses to help you learn how to optimize occupant comfort, improve worker safety, and save on energy costs for your building projects.

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LEED Credits & Sustainability

MacroAir fans play a vital role in creating sustainability for any space by reducing energy consumption through optimized air movement. Our fans use 30% less energy than an HVAC system alone, reducing the carbon footprint and promoting a flourishing environment.

Energy & Atmosphere

MacroAir invented the HVLS fan with efficiency in performance and energy being our highest priority. Our fan design now uniquely contributes to reducing building energy use as it relates to heating and cooling systems.

Indoor Environmental Quality

Utilizing the power of our MacroAir HVLS fan technology will markedly improve indoor air quality conditions in any facility. Advocate for human wellness with MacroAir fans.


Our invention of the HVLS fan was a leap in creativity that has revolutionized the way people experience indoor air quality and thermal comfort on a global scale. MacroAir fans can be a key element of innovation in your design.

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