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Energy costs for some warehouses account for a majority of their total revenue, especially during the winter. According to the US Energy Information Administration, heating and lighting are two of the largest energy uses for warehouses, together accounting for 64 percent of total warehouse energy use. In this blog, we’ll showcase two examples of how large industrial fans have helped warehouses reduce heating costs. We’ll also show how they are able to operate in a more sustainable way during the winter.

Large Industrial Fans are Heating Up

Ritual Brewing Company is a craft beer company located in a spacious warehouse in Redlands, CA. This open warehouse environment is a huge space where Ritual runs all of its brewing operations.

Since Ritual’s facility is in such an expansive space, they have the same challenges as many large warehouse spaces. They deal with poor heat distribution to their employees during cold winters. So how do Ritual’s employees stay warm in a cool workplace? They run their MacroAir HVLS ceiling fans in reverse.


“We run the fans in reverse all the time. When it’s cold and when we’re brewing. When we’re brewing the beer, the hot air from the brewing process likes to rise, so we bring that hot air down with the reverse function of the fans and it makes the customers feel a lot warmer. Also, if it’s warmer outside, we open up our large bay doors and turn on our exhaust fans, which pulls the warm air from outside and pushes it up and out. The big fans help facilitate this process and make it go quicker. This warms our whole space. It makes it feel as warm as you could be with 33-foot ceilings.” – Owen Williams, Co-Founder | Ritual Brewing Company, Redlands CA

Additional Benefit: Comfortable Customers – From the main seating area to the brewing area, the airflow created by the large ceiling fans creates a more comfortable environment which helps customers and staff enjoy Ritual’s unique craft beer experience.

Big Fans are a Hot Topic in the Coldest Environments 

In Sioux Falls, SD temperatures can get as low as 34°F during the winter –  not necessarily an environment where you would imagine large industrial fans being typically used. However, Sioux Falls Subaru dealership, Schulte Subaru, went beyond conventional thinking. They installed MacroAir big ceiling fans to provide heat distribution for the entire space by running the fans in reverse. Schulte Subaru is a 50,000 sq. ft. car dealership with similar space to a small industrial outfit.

“In the winter these fans also help us because they move the airflow around, move the heat around, and help keep the heat circulating – that’s mainly why they’re on in the winter time as well.”– Travis Johnson, Schulte Subaru

 Additional Benefit: Workers are More Productive  – By changing the fan direction for the winter season, MacroAir big industrial fans create comfortable airflow throughout big industrial facilities. This increases employee comfort, resulting in increased productivity and thus improved operations.

Question: What Happens When There Isn’t Even Heat Distribution?

Problem: You will typically find that heating systems are located above the floor or by the ceiling in large industrial workspaces to avoid interfering with daily operations. Since heat tends to stay up high near the ceiling, temperatures on ceilings can be up to 35º higher than on the floor level!

Solution: If you are looking for ways to help distribute heat to your employees or customers, MacroAir big fans help distribute warm air throughout warehouses during cold winters. You read that right! MacroAir big ceiling fans heat large spaces just as well as they cool them off. And they do it in a more cost-effective way than most!

Additional Benefit: Save Money by Supplementing an HVAC SystemBig ceiling fans can be installed in most workspaces without major restructuring and can even make an HVAC system work more efficiently. An HVAC system that is running more efficiently means that it has less energy consumption, which means lower utility bills. That’s a big deal, especially when trying to reduce your heating costs.

If you have a warehouse, consider using big ceiling fans to distribute heat, this will allow you to have much greater control of the amount of energy you use for heating during the winter.

How do you distribute the heat in your facility? Leave a comment below!

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