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Cooling down and protecting livestock is what brought Walt Boyd’s invention of big ceiling fans to barns. In 1998, the University of California Riverside’s Agriculture Department approached Walt with the challenge of cooling cows to increase milk production during the hot summer months. His solution was to invent an oversized industrial fan that keeps livestock cooler and more comfortable.


Cooling Down Livestock

In July of 2017, a heatwave in the San Joaquin Valley caused numerous cattle deaths prompting county officials to declare a state of emergency. When temperatures during the summer reach high or even dangerous levels. livestock are less productive and can suffer from heat stress or possibly die. Our industrial fans provide the most effective cooling relief and protection method for livestock ever developed by moving air more efficiently through open-air sheds and barns.


A Happy Cow Equals a Happy Farm

Increased Milk Production: Overheated cows are less productive. Research has shown that a cool cow is a productive cow and milk production increases up to two pounds per cow when they are in a comfortable environment. Therefore, investing in a cooling solution for cows will ultimately increase milk production, saving you time and money.


The Silence of the Cows


Quiet Operation: Why does low speed matter? Well, high-speed fans kick up dirt and make a lot of noise – and these conditions irritate cows. The newest innovation for HVLS fans is utilizing a direct drive motor. The gearless design eliminates noise generated by gears. Even the largest HVLS fan running at full speed operates at less than 60 dBA.


Bugging Out


Pest-Free: Birds and flying insects tend to consider barns a wonderful place to escape the sun, take a break and nest. These uninvited residents can create a big mess inside the barn. The airflow generated by HVLS fans helps discourage birds from entering and pests from landing.


Fan to Table

It is important to choose a big industrial fan based on the layout of your barn. If you install the right size and number of big industrial fans in your barn or animal pen, you can keep your electricity costs down, create more efficient airflow, and ensure that all of your farm animals are comfortable.

Did you know that farm animals suffer from heat stress just like people? Leave your comments below.

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