Cool Your Staff and Customers with Commercial Ceiling Fans for Automotive Shops

Automotive Garage Cooling Fans

Whether making repairs or making deals, a comfortable service center, automotive garage, and showroom lead to better results. MacroAir garage ceiling fans move a ton of air using less energy to maximize comfort for your service technicians, staff and customers.

Cooler air from wall to wall, and floor to ceiling, when you have an industrial ceiling fan for your garage, service centers, or showrooms, it will help with ventilation and provide cooling solutions.

Put comfort on cruise control with MacroAir’s big ceiling fans.

When you need to maintain a consistent temperature throughout your garage, automotive or industrial shop, and help remove toxic fumes, you need a quiet airflow solution that reaches all areas of your facility.

Distribute air in your garage or workshop with big garage ceiling fans. Because of the direct-drive fan motor and fan blades, our fans require less maintenance and power, more energy-efficient and cover more square footage than a traditional floor fan or pedestal fans.

Benefits of Industrial Ceiling Fans for Your Garage

  • Big Fans are Better: With larger, longer fan blades, garage ceiling fans generate larger volumes of air travel. Cooling large automotive spaces quickly and efficiently by covering more cubic feet per minute.
  • Safer than normal high-speed floor fans: Big ceiling fans help remove moisture from the air, reduce humidity, enhance ventilation, helps eliminate and minimize slipping hazards, and increase efficiency in your space.
  • One big ceiling fan vs. small floor fans: One MacroAir HVLS fan can cover more space to reduce cooling and energy costs
  • Garage ceiling fans have a reversible motor to run in the colder months to push hot air stuck at ceiling height back down to the floor level. Keeping you, your customers and your staff warmer
  • Our specially designed HVLS fan’s easy setup, integrate well with your current HVAC and ventilation systems – giving your garage consistent temperature control.

"I was impressed. The amount of air these fans move is unreal. It's cut out up to $400 per month."
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Mark Grodis

Service Tech Manager, Crown Lexus

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