Create Comfort for Customers, Athletes and Staff with Commercial Ceiling Fans for Gyms

Stagnant air in fitness centers and gyms can lead to overheated athletes, out-of-control humidity, and unpleasant odors. Fight back with MacroAir commercial gym fans.

These powerful, energy-efficient gym ceiling fans circulate massive amounts of air throughout a space using less energy for a fresher, less humid environment that costs about $1 or less a day to cool. MacroAir’s large commercial ceiling fans also run quietly and can be color customized to match the look and feel of your interior.

With MacroAir’s fitness center ceiling fans, get the performance you want without stretching your budget. Based on our experience with other gym owners, we outlined the main factors when selecting fans for a gym, including remote control function, one vs many fans, and the costs associated with a large gym ceiling fan.

"MacroAir has delivered an end-product that not only helps out with the actual temperature gauging, but as well as the comfort and workout set that my clients want."
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Damion Meyer

Owner, Fitaholic Fitness

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