Control Up to 30 Fans from One Screen

The MacroAir Controller puts the power of air movement right at your fingertips. A fully-integrated LCD touchscreen display panel gives you the ability to control the speed and direction of up to 30 fans. You can also synchronize your fans to operate as a unit. The MacroAir Controller also integrates with AirEffect, an optional control system that senses and automatically maintains a desired room temperature.

For controlling your MacroAir fans with just a touch, the easy-to-use MacroAirController offers the ultimate in convenience and versatility.

  • Works with most MacroAir fan models
  • Provides a single point of control for individual or group fan control
  • Enables run time, scheduling, grouping, and fan naming
  • Secure remote login to controller via smart device or computer
  • Optional auto-mode available with AirEffect
  • Password protection capabilities for scheduling, naming and temperature/humidity settings


Up to 30

fans controlled

14º to 140ºF

operating temperature


enclosure rating

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