Cool Your Horses with Barn Ceiling Fans

Stagnant air can lead to uncomfortable, unhealthy horses that can lead to heat stress. MacroAir barn ceiling fans increase air movement to prevent respiratory infections caused by drafty conditions and poor air quality in barns, riding arenas, training centers, and show facilities.

Delivering huge horsepower, our powerful industrial ceiling fans circulate large amounts of fresh air to keep horses, owners, trainers, and spectators comfortable. They are also virtually maintenance-free and cost only around $1 or less a day to run.

Energy Efficient

HVLS fans are larger than box fans, and because of the size, they consume less energy by moving larger volumes of air more efficiently. One HVLS fan can replace closet to 50 box fans and at about a dollar a day to operate. When paired with other HVAC systems, barn fans are a better cost-effective cooling method.

Improves Air Quality

Dust, gas, moisture, and even not enough moisture, can cause horses breathing sensitivities and other health issues.HVLS barn fans move large volumes of air down and out by 360 degrees in slow-motion and mix both fresh air and stale air together minimizing mold, mildew, dust, and pollen that causes air quality to suffer.

Reverse Operation

In the colder months, our barn fans can run in reverse to mix and move elevated hot air from the ceiling down to the colder floor air. Mixing the air raises the temperature creating a warmer environment and reduces heating costs.

Quiet Operation

HVLS ceiling fans can cover 20,000 square feet with fan blades that range from 10 – 24 ft with a quiet operation. Because of this, they operate nearly silently and will not bother your horses or animals. No need for noisy floor fans in the stall to keep your horses cool.

Whether it is a horse barn, cattle barn, or other agricultural facilities, our barn fans and stall fans are built rugged and heavy-duty to withstand the elements of cold, wet, dust, and extreme heat. Our barn fans keep your horses or other livestock cool in the summer and warm in the winter. If you are a horse owner, rehabilitation facility, or veterinarian, a barn fan is a must-have to keep your horses healthy.

Horse barns and other agricultural facilities often lack natural ventilation and air conditioning, but installing a large commercial barn fan, keeps barns and stables with adequate ventilation and airflow. Cooler air makes happier horses.

With the unprecedented performance and efficiency of MacroAir big industrial ceiling fans, you can ride high.

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