Keep Plants and Produce Fresh with Commercial Fans for Greenhouses

The purpose of a greenhouse is to allow sunlight to naturally feed your plants and maintain the inside temperature warm during colder months. In the summer, however, the temperature can get too hot and damage or even kill your plant roots by drying them out.

A greenhouse is great for allowing sunlight to reach your plants and for keeping the inside temperature warm even during the Fall and Winter months. However, greenhouses can quickly become too hot, especially in the Summer. Depending on what region of the United States you are in, the hot and cold temperatures you are dealing with will greatly vary.

Plants and produce can quickly spoil in environments that are too warm and have poor air quality. Keep your fruits and vegetables fresh and healthy with evaporative cooling using a MacroAir industrial greenhouse ceiling fan. For produce and plants to flourish and grow, proper ventilation and air circulation are essential. For maximum ceiling to floor area heating and cooling, commercial greenhouse fans maybe your best option. Regardless of whether you are a hobbyist or a commercial operation, keeping your greenhouse or nursery cool with proper air movement helps minimize high moisture and increases efficient environmental control.

Our energy-efficient industrial ceiling fans distribute large amounts of airflow powerfully yet gently to maintain consistent temperatures that enhance plant growth and prolong produce life. If you need additional heat or cooling sources, circulation fans work well with ventilation systems. Industrial and commercial greenhouse fans run quietly, require virtually no maintenance, and blend in beautifully with your decor.

Our big circulating fans can cool more square cubic feet than a traditional floor fan. By running the fan in the forward position, it reduces the overall temperature, making the air feel cooler and allowing you to increase your thermostat setting while decreasing operating costs. If you need extra heat, run the ceiling fan in reverse, as an exhaust fan, to generate an updraft that forces warm air from the ceiling down to the floor and surrounding area.

While maintaining proper temperatures and airflow is important for produce and plant health, employee safety is also a crucial part of the greenhouse. By keeping employees cool you are increasing productivity and reducing safety risks, humidity, and heat exhaustion.

For fresher produce, reduced spoilage, healthier plants, increased employee productivity, and lower energy costs, a MacroAir large greenhouse industrial ceiling fan is a smart investment.

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