Keep Employees Cool and Comfortable with Big HVLS Fans

Controlling heat and humidity is crucial in large manufacturing facilities with high ceilings. Protect product quality, increase employee productivity, and improve indoor air quality with revolutionary MacroAir big manufacturing fans.

MacroAir’s big industrial fans deliver huge amounts of airflow across more square feet using less energy. As a result, you get comfortable temperatures, reduced humidity, and energy savings with lower utility bills. Smart controls and easy-to-use touch controllers also let you integrate all your building systems and operate them from the ground. Increase quality applications in the workplace with cooling fans.

From warehouses to manufacturing facilities, temperature fluctuation can cause condensation that can cost a facility time and money due to slips, falls, air pollutants, exhaust fumes, and corrosion to mechanical components. Our HVLS fans are built for manufacturing centers both commercial and industrial to improve ceiling to floor temperature and increase ventilation. Fan designs range from 8 to 24 feet in diameter and with state-of-the-art motors, we provide not only durability but energy-efficient evaporative cooling solutions that can be integrated into your current HVAC/air conditioning system or stand-alone use. With massive airflow and evaporative air cooling an industrial ceiling fan will also keep employees comfortable and increase worker productivity.

Keep production at peak levels with cooler temperatures from MacroAir big industrial fans for manufacturing facilities.

“We decided on large ceiling fans because our employees were really stressed with high heat environments, especially during the summer months. We felt like going to a large ceiling fan was the best option for keeping our employees cool.”
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Nick Soto

Operations Manager, thyssenkrupp Aerospace

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