Cool Your Workers with Industrial Ceiling Fans for Warehouses

Comfort levels are directly related to how employees perform in the workplace. And for next to nothing, you can keep your space cool and your employees happy with MacroAir industrial ceiling fans for warehouses. A MacroAir big fan can lower the effective temperature up to 8˚ by moving air from ceiling to floor and from wall to wall. Actually, through the whole facility. Minimizing the chance of dead air space and increasing energy efficiency.

Climate control is a breeze with large industrial warehouse fans.

Regardless if you are in an industrial warehouse, commercial, or even residential space, our HVLS warehouse ceiling fans will work alongside your HVAC system and keep you and your employees cool and happy. Increasing productivity.

When employees operate at an ideal temperature, fewer mistakes are made, and less time is wasted. Improved warehouse air quality is also improved with improved circulation. That’s something everyone is comfortable with.

Our warehouse ceiling fans range from 8 to 24 feet in diameter. Making the overall area coverage more energy efficient. Benefits of a warehouse ceiling fan:

  • Circulate airflow from the ceiling to floor
  • Reduce heat in the summer months
  • Increase warm air in the colder months
  • Reduce condensation and humidity buildup

“We decided on large ceiling fans because our employees were really stressed with high heat environments, especially during the summer months. We felt like going to a large ceiling fan was the best option for keeping our employees cool.”
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Nick Soto

Operations Manager, thyssenkrupp Aerospace

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