The fan that’s been in the family since the beginning

The MacroAir AirVolution industrial fan brings current and classic technology together. The AirVolution uses a proven industrial gearbox driven power unit in combination with integrated network technology. With the AirVolution’s smart networking interface, the sky is the limit: Integrate with AirEffect temperature control, AirLynk, our multi-fan controller or Building Management Systems (BMS) for advanced control. With a premium industrial gearmotor and advanced networking, you get more than a fan, you get one of the most versatile cooling solutions available on the market.


1.0 - 2.0


8 - 24

feet in diameter


mechanical parts warranty


standard electrical parts warranty

Gear motor



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Revamped Gearmotor

The AirVolution industrial fan’s new gearbox and motor combination is even more sleek, powerful, durable, and long-lasting. It is the perfect fit for industrial applications.

“Here at Coca-Cola, employee morale is a top priority, and the massive column of air the MacroAir fan circulated with just a ¾ horsepower motor made it an attractive solution.”

Jim Lockhart

Maintenance Manager, Coca-Cola of Orlando


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Color Customization

Your business is unique, so your fan should be too. What better way to accentuate your space than to match its color scheme? When it comes to personalizing your fan there are endless possibilities. Take a look at some cool color options. or download the RAL color chart in PDF format.

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