Powerful and Modern Ceiling Fans

Your home reflects your personal style, and MacroAir fans are here to complement your style. With two powerful and modern ceiling fans, you can keep yourself cool and comfortable, all while saving on your energy bills. MacroAir fans are energy efficient and create a substantial amount of air movement, allowing you to increase your thermostat’s set point without sacrificing your comfort.

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Residential Fan Solutions

Cool Yourself Off

Running MacroAir HVLS fans in the forward direction creates a cooling breeze that reduces the effective temperature (how hot you feel) by 8ºF. This allows you to increase your thermostat setting without compromising comfort.

Complement Your Design

MacroAir fans offer a number of custom and standard color options to best complement your home. Get the comfort you want without compromising on the aesthetics.

Save on Energy

By moving large amounts of air, you can increase the set point on your thermostat while feeling just as cool and saving on your electricity bills.

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