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Mark Grodis

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  • Can extensions be modified in the field?

    Modifying extensions in the field is possible but not recommended, as they will no longer be under warranty should they fail. MacroAir highly recommends verifying the length needed before ordering. You also cannot modify the extension so that the drop length is below our recommended minimums.

  • Can I mount my AVD fan without a drop length?

    No, the motor cannot be mounted directly to the mount.

  • How do I order the appropriate length?

    Tell your sales representative the total drop length from the ceiling to the blades that you need; they will be able to provide you the appropriate extension.

  • What are the maximum drop lengths?

    Typically, MacroAir does not make extensions for drops over 10 feet. However, there are options available for longer drops. If you require a drop over 10 feet, please contact your sales representative to discuss options.

  • What are the minimum drop lengths?

    AVD 370: 1 feet

    AVD3 430: 2 feet

    AVD 550: 2 feet

    AVD 780: 3 feet 2 inches

  • What are the standard drop lengths?

    AVD 370: 2 feet

    AVD3 430: 3 feet

    AVD 550: 3 feet

    AVD 780: 3 feet 2 inches

  • What is a drop length?

    The drop length is defined as the distance between the building mounting point and the blades.

  • What is an extension length?

    The extension length is the length of the actual extension tube itself. This differs from the drop length in that the drop length includes the extension length, mount height, and motor height. For example, a standard 550 drop length of 3’ utilizes a 1’10” extension length.

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